Decorative Textiles: Part 1, The Family Room

I had the amazing opportunity of giving a Greenwich family home a monochromatic makeover and wanted to share some of  that experience with you in a blog series on Decorative Textiles. In this first part, I’ll discuss the family room:

Decorative Textiles in The Family Room

Decorative Textiles: Part 1, The Family Room

A family room is a multifunctional space, thus pulling together the right textiles can be an exciting challenge. For a room that is both upscale and frequently used, timeless, elegant style and practicality are priorities. For this particular space, I used lots of Belgian linen, a theme that would develop throughout the entire home, in a muted, neutral palette. I especially loved using various weaves and textures of the linen fabrics, juxtaposing them against elegant embroideries and soft mohairs.  These subtle variations added so much to the overall beauty of the space.  These fabrics are comfortable and easy to maintain. They also bring some customization and crispness to the room, making them excellent choices for the space that serves both children and adults. The curtains are by Brunschwig & Fils, with custom upholstery by Roger & Goffigon, and accent throw pillows with Summer Hills embroidery.

Decorative Textiles: Part 1, The Family Room

In Decorative Textiles: Part II, I’ll discuss how similar luxurious fabrics were seamlessly integrated into the children’s rooms to create beautiful spaces that are transitional and still kid-friendly. If you’re eager to learn more, I’ll be posting frequent updates on Instagram and Facebook. You can also visit Joanna Shirin Design Studios on Houzz!

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