A Trip to the Long Island Sound to Spur Creativity

You never know when creativity will strike…

Well, sometimes you do: I can always rely on a trip to an antique store, or a flea market in Europe (my home continent) to spark creativity. Sometimes, though, inspiration comes from a local, unexpected place.

Joanna Shirin - Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound

I had the pleasure of spending much of the Summer away on the Long Island Sound; waking up to the sounds of seagulls and the white lull of the morning tide. The water and the sun: starkly different hues than the view from the Hudson or the even the Jersey Shore. There is something romantic; literary and poetic, about the change of pace from the city, from which most of the Summer Sound-inhabitants have fled. I spent a great deal of time getting inspired by local people, local flavors, aromas, and textures. Since food and health are imperative to the quality and function of the family home, and I design so many kitchens, local cuisine is often on my mind when I design. Here are a few of the highlights:

Vinyards with Vino Tastings

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Great Sunday Brunches at Love Lane Kitchen

With a humble, suburban exterior, the Love Lane Kitchen is a quirky local gem, that serves a delicious brunch.

Long Island - Love Lane Cafe

Greenport Seaside Dinners

Greenport is home to some of the most wonderful seaside cuisine – like Claudio’s, the oldest family owned restaurant in U.S. These classic American establishments are simple and subdued; allowing their surrounding sweeping landscapes to provide the natural ambiance.

Long Island Sound

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