10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, or just to upgrade in the New Year, Painter Decorator Warrington will provide you with different ways that will add value. Trends come and go, so we focused on these 10 timeless features that will increase the resale value of your home.

    1. Let There Be Light!

      New windows letting in lots of natural light can greatly alter the atmosphere of a home, and energy-efficient windows can help regulate temperatures indoors as well, resulting in lowering all HVAC costs (except costs that go for your Boiler Cover). They’ll protect your home against leaks, drafts, and condensation. This enables homeowners to install smaller heating and cooling systems.

  1. Energy Efficiency Electric

    Adding dimmable lighting increases value and gives homeowners control over a home’s ambiance. And be sure to switch out bulbs for energy-efficient, LED bulbs, consider installing solar panels as well. Because of their economic and environmental advantages, solar panels are in high-demand and increase a home’s market value.

  2. Hard Flooring, Rather than Carpet

    Hardwood and stone flooring, like marble and tile, are going to be more valuable and easier to maintain than carpet. This gives the entire home a cleaner, more elegant and timeless appearance. The best part is that the floor will commingle well with various style furniture. It’s also beneficial for improving the air quality of the home since hard wood and tile flooring is less likely to trap allergens than carpeting, however, if you already have the carpet there is house cleaning that can help you with this.

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  3. Kitchen Remodel

    The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the top elements of the home to renovate with the help of a good kitchen remodeling company for increasing its resale value: Focus on creating a spacious feeling, optimizing storage by installing tall cabinets, upgrading stone countertops, and adding high-end appliances.

    A study from 24/7 Wall St. found 48% of home buyers are willing to pay extra for a kitchen island, but want to be sure it’s adding convenience to their space, rather than acting as a barrier between the spaces in the kitchen they need to access to cook. If your layout allows, consider adding a second sink for convenience whether or not your kitchen is kosher.

  4. Bathroom Remodel

    Long-gone are the days of thinking of the bathroom as purely utilitarian. Home-owners now think of their bathrooms as home-spa retreats. Updating hardware and storage options are always a great way to quickly increase value. And for those conscious of aging-in-place, consider adding a walk-in shower and soaking tub. We wrote a more detailed blog about updating your bathroom, which you can read here.

  5. Well-Designed Laundry Room

    The addition of a sizable sink, high-end appliances, lots of bright lighting, bench seating, and improved storage all increase the value and enjoyability of this, otherwise, rather utility space. Bonus: Consider adding an upstairs laundry room. This way, you can eliminate hampers and clothes baskets in bedrooms, resulting in less clutter and less overwhelm.

    New Laundry Room: The Reveal // Jenna Sue Design

    New Laundry Room: The Reveal // Jenna Sue Design

  6. Update Entryways

    New hardware and a little paint on your front door can go a long way! The front door is the first thing potential home-buyers will see and the handle or door knob is the first thing they will touch when they come to tour the home. Add a runner rug or refresh your old ones to define the entry walk way. And accessorize your entry way deliberately with sculptural art, flowers, and a mirror. Consider adding a Mud Room for easy storage of cloths, backpacks, and sports equipment.

  7. Paint, Rather than Wallpaper

    Wallpaper can be more difficult to remove and replace. Painting interiors in neutral colors make the home easiest to resell, and a fresh coat of eco, VOC-free paint is perhaps the easiest quick-fix! Paint is less stylistically polarizing than wallpaper, and like carpets, wallpaper is more likely to trap allergens.

  8. Opt for New Landscaping, Over Putting in a Pool

    Plant a garden! Not only is it better for the environment, but a well-landscaped yard adds to the curb appeal of the home making it easier to sell. Unless you and your family are really going to get use out of a pool, consider skipping it. Quality landscaping will reduce storm water run-off, and help regulate seasonal temperatures, keeping your home cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.

    Soundview Manor Landscape Architecture by Conte & Conte

    Soundview Manor Landscape Architecture by Conte & Conte

  9. Open Up Your Home

    Visually increase the size of your home by restructuring the home a bit- remove walls that are not structurally significant for a more open floor-plan. This simplifies the floor-plan and often allows natural light to flow more freely throughout the home. Alternatively, you could actually increase square footage by building a multi-purpose space, or “flex room.”

What home improvement projects are you working on this year? What can we help with?

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