Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, & Chromatherapy

You don’t have to redo your entire home to consult with Joanna Shirin on how to adjust the balance of your home using Feng Shui and Chromatherapy principles. Well-balanced living spaces are inviting of abundance and prosperity and create a celebratory, intentional space. An in home consultation with Joanna Shirin Design Studios will provide you with immediate as well as some long-term solutions for creating relaxing spaces that will help improve overall health.

Feng Shui

Many know Feng Shui as the ancient Chinese art of organization to create flow. This flow, often referred to as Chi is meant to energize environments, create harmony, health, and prosperity. Feng Shui is a methodology, both spiritual and practical. That is why it is increasingly less of a foreign concept to incorporate Feng Shui into even the most traditional of American homes.



The body has seven chakras, emotional and spiritual centers, which can be invigorated by color. When leading a Feng Shui lifestyle, it’s imperative that certain colors be represented in a room. Using Chromatherapy, we work to energize chakras with color. Reds, for example, are energizing, Blues induce peaceful sleep, Yellows brighten up a space.


Manifestation Boards

Included with Joanna’s Feng Shui design consultation are accessible ways to optimize your visions for better living which coincide with the layout of the home: Dream Manifestation Boards. Often referred to as “Dream Boards” or “Vision Boards,” Joanna Shirin consults on the crafting of Dream Manifestation Boards, which become the key pieces of personalized art in the home.


These boards will anchor the space they are in, tying together all nine elements of the Bagua Map, customized based on your priorities: Prosperity, Reputation, Relationships, Family, Health, The Future, Knowledge, Career, and Travel. The creation of ones future is a highly spiritual and personal experience. We schedule these private or group sessions on certain astrological dates of the year which strengthen the tool’s power and ability to manifest your dreams.

For more updates on design services and to get design inspired daily, check out some of our digital Dream Manifestation Boards on Pinterest.

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